Strategy thinking +
E-Commerce in Shopify

Your business is always improving and so am I.
Here's a look into my past in
E-commerce as a shopify developer.

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My vision


To build online products for awesome companies, entrepreneurs and startups.

Any company or brand I work with is attended to 100% and I strive for my clients satisfaction everyday.

Edwin template vision image
Edwin template vision image

To build relationships and grow with your business.

Only working with those that I can see a future business relationship with is important and something I always look forward to.


Maintaining communication is a top priority.

I like to know every angle of the project and am on a need-to-know basis with them. Making sure things are crystal clear is my job.


Finishing touches

Boosting conversion rates are key to sales. Conversion rate optimization tactics are implemented with targeted approaches, Some industry specific, Others general, You'll see them all implemented.


Getting the review process simplified

I enjoy implementing ideas and getting your business to sell with the vision you have, Just reach out when something looks off and I'll always be happy to make it right.

My story


Started working in I.T
My first steps were made here with web development.


Setup my first Shopify store.


Travelling , Performing marketing duties with Google, Lyft , Harley Davidson & More.


Covid ends my line of work, duties are halted. I go all into web development .


I get my first clients & my work in the development space takes off.


Started full time freelancing focusing as a Shopify developer.
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