Libby is a great artist and she needed to get her paintings online and ready to sell. I completed her store and she was happy with the result.


  • Create and design a website that can sell Libbys paintings
  • Load products and dimension per canvas, separating into collections
  • Make a mobile friendly user experience


1. Landing Page

  1. Mobile responsive Layout

One key aspect of mobile responsive layout is fluid grid systems, which allow the content to adapt to the screen size, ensuring that the layout looks good and functions well on various devices. Additionally, flexible images and media queries are essential for adjusting the size and resolution of images and videos based on the screen size and orientation.The navigation and user interface elements should also be optimized for touch interactions and gestures, making it easy for users to navigate and interact with the website or app on their mobile devices.Overall, a mobile responsive layout prioritizes the user experience on mobile devices, ensuring that the design, content, and functionality are all optimized for the best possible experience on smaller screens. This approach ultimately leads to higher user satisfaction and engagement, as well as better conversion rates for businesses.

3. Visual product accents

The theme is shining through and simple, there are product sizing, delivery information and a constant brand presence.

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