Enterprise Project: XOLogic

XOLogic wanted to give their current clients and potential customers an easier time managing their storefronts, so they decided to move over to Shopify.

XOLogic is a product data company focused on providing multi-channel commerce solutions (online, in-store, and in-field) for wholesale distributors and product manufacturers in specialized industries throughout North America. They have a robust distribution system and many vendors to offer for lighting products.

They wanted to give their current clients and potential customers an easier time managing their storefronts, so they decided to move over to Shopify. 

During this project we had to configure their data of 5M+ products in a shopify friendly way, with an inventory automation system to update the current inventory levels. They also wanted to develop a custom theme for their clients to better suit their industry.

Our weekly office 'Shopify Delta Squad' meeting

Needless to say this was a big project but we successfully in March 2023 started rolling out these stores to clients! 7 of their clients are out in the wild using the theme we developed and data that was migrated. The theme was developed over a 5 month period, complete with specs table’s, A full mega-menu, custom recently-viewed slider, A ‘More from the family’ collection slider, custom contact form, meet the team pages & more.

Landing Page

xologic landing page
XOLogic Demo based from dawn
Mega Menu attached to collections metafields

Custom Slideshow, Collection row, Contact boxes, Blog post section and more.

Product Page

The custom product template for this shopify theme is absolutely my favorite in this case study. I'm going to use references that are out in the wild for this one.

We needed to show data for each and every variant and display that info on the page, we wanted to link the product back to similar items as well which was done with product metafields, it turned out to be a unique shopify product page on shopify, All which was 100% Automated from the data feed for each product.

Here is the product page on BCollective's Website

Bcollective Chandelier

Collection Page

All collections were automated and by defaullt are connected to filter options like colorwidth/height/length and other misc options

Bcollective Collection Page
Family Collection link from product page

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