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May 23, 2024

Increase Sales on Shopify: 7 On-Page Strategies to Get Sales

Are you trying to increase sales on Shopify? Some store owners out there just can't make sales on Shopify. You may have a great product, story and even online store, Keep reading if you have at least 2 (if not then click here). You may already offer free shipping, are running paid ads, are running social media marketing and even have a loyalty program. There are elements on your Shopify store front (or lack of) that could be keeping you from increasing your sales on Shopify once you get customers to your store. You'll learn 7 (easy) things that you can do (backed by data) to increase sales on your Shopify store. Read down the list and choose a couple of practices and Shopify apps to implement.

If you really want to get sales, I'd like to urge you to choose at least ONE way to increase your Shopify sales and optimize your Shopify store.

Button Color, Contrast & Size

Main navigational buttons / Add to Cart buttons are one of the only ways to drive sales. These elements can be easily edited in your online store, I'll show you how at the end of the section

The first example is going to be contrast, Contrast refers to the difference or degree of variation between two or more elements. If you something is clearly defined it's clearly visible in relation to other elements on page, The authors of this test ascribe the success to color theory as well:

"My hunch was that even if one color performed better than the other, the difference would be small. I could imagine that one color might be more appealing or grab the user’s attention better than another, but that the overall conversion numbers would be overwhelmed by the overall message of the page. I assumed that the results of this test would show what we’ve seen in testing before -- that the major difference between good and poorly converting pages was the message the page was communicating."

shopify cro

The product page is the place you get sales (9/10) times, so we'll focus here for this example.

You can do this for your Shopify Store by following these steps:

1. Go to your admin section

2. On the theme you want to edit hit 'Customize'

shopify theme

3. Click 'Theme Settings'

4. Select 'Colors' Most themes will be laid out differently in this area and you will have to click around to find out what affecting. Generally the color for your buttons will be called 'Button Color' Or 'Primary Colors'

5. Hit Save and Test changes!

Quick Tip: Ensuring your button color and text is easily readable is important as well. (You should be able to change this in the same section shown above)

add to cart no
Black text on a darker button is never reccomended
add to cart yes
Readable, Good contrast

Increasing the size of your button is simple enough to understand as well:

increase conversion rate bigger button

Consistent Call’s to Action

A "call to action" is like the friendly nudge that encourages online shoppers to take some kind of action. It's like telling your customers to make a decision! Having consistent call to action is a part of a good web designers best practices.

Helping potential customers find the right product page in a flow is the aim.

Let's say you're running google ads and the offer is 'X Amount off! Only for a limited time!' the potential customer is intrigued and bites, They get to the site to find 'Y Amount off!' and nothing else. The cognitive load will increase, and the likelihood of a bounce rate, leaving you with traffic but no sales.

Leverage Social Reviews & UGC With Shopify Apps

Observing genuine customers make a purchase, delighting in your product is almost like getting a personal recommendation from a friend. Social proof leverages the innate human instinct to 'follow the crowd.' If loyal customers are coming to make a purchase, it surely indicates a decent product, doesn't it?

The best shopify app I've found for this is Storista. There are other options on the Shopify app store, but It has competitive pricing and a great user interface, That connects rather seamlessly.

Not only can you pull in reels/posts & highlights from your own Instagram, You can pull in others posts and create a unique slider on any product page related to that product. You can think of it as a "non-biased" addition to your product description. I've seen great results to boost sales with social proof alone!

Nani Swimwear shopify product page

Lengthening The Product Page

Lengthening the product page of your online store is an easy one on the list. ‍The great thing about a Shopify Store is the modular and dynamic sectioning, So when it comes to the product page, We can make some changes super quick!

lengeth the product page to increase sales on shopify

Other than e-mail marketing, loyalty programs, search engine optimization & other marketing strategies this one is a bit odd. One way to lengthen the product page is by adding more detailed descriptions of the product benefits. This can include information about the materials used, the sizing, and any special features.
Another way to lengthen the product page is by including additional images or videos of the product. This allows customers to see the product from multiple angles and get a better sense of what it looks like in real life. This can help customers make more informed choices and less likely to make returns.
Furthermore, including related products or accessories on the product page can encourage customers to explore additional items and potentially increase their overall purchase value. This can be done by adding a "You May Also Like" section or a "Complete the Look" feature which is native to Shopify.

Finally, you can include informative content such as how-to guides, styling tips, or care instructions for the product. This not only adds value for the customer but also helps to differentiate your store as a helpful and knowledgeable resource in your industry.

Show Benefits, Not Features

When marketing a product, focusing on the benefits ensures that potential customers understand how the product positively impacts them. It's about addressing their needs and desires, creating a compelling narrative that encourages them to make a purchase.

Successful Shopify stores won't say "12mAh Battery" to make sales on their portable chargers, They will orient their copy with action and the benefit:

"Enjoy an all day long-lasting charge with our 12mAh Battery!" This approach highlights the benefit of the product - an all day long-lasting charge - rather than just listing its technical specifications. By focusing on the benefit, the marketing message becomes more compelling and resonates with potential customers who are looking for a solution to their charging needs.

Similarly, when marketing a skincare product, instead of simply stating "Contains Vitamin C", the messaging could be framed as:
"Rejuvenate and brighten your skin with the powerful antioxidant properties of Vitamin C!"
This framing emphasizes the benefit of the product - rejuvenated and brighter skin - which will likely resonate more with consumers than just listing the ingredient.

In essence, by focusing on the benefits of a product, marketing efforts become more customer-centric and engaging. It's about understanding the target audience's needs and desires, and demonstrating how the product fulfills those needs in a compelling way. This approach can ultimately lead to increased sales and customer satisfaction.

Upselling Complementary Products

‍A great way increase your average order value and optimize your store, while not ideal for all stores here are some examples that have worked well to increase AOV

An app like ReConvert Post Purchase Upsell works great on the checkout & UpsellPlus Checkout Offers  works great for post purchase

If you're selling golf clubs, you can easily attach the same brand of golf balls or gloves, Either on the product page or checkout with this app, further enticing them with discounts Creating bundles or packages of related products can also increase AOV. For example, if you're selling skincare products, you can create a bundle that includes a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer at a slightly discounted price than if they were purchased individually.

By implementing these strategies, you can effectively increase your average order value and optimize your store for greater success.

Increase Engagement

‍While this is a broad topic here are some ways to make more sales & increase customer engagement:

Add a live chat / FAQ

Add a chat app, with FAQ on every page to increase engagement by answering outstanding questions about a product, delivery status or more info on a loyalty program Introducing our new chat app with a convenient FAQ feature on every page! Here are some reasons you should install a chat app to drive more sales.

Instantly Connect with Customers: With a chat app, you can easily connect with your customers in real-time, providing them with immediate support and assistance. A chat app allows you to provide personalized customer service, addressing any concerns or queries your customers may have, leading to a positive customer experience.

You can also Build Trust and Loyalty: By offering a convenient and accessible way for customers to get their questions answered, you can build trust and loyalty, as customers will feel more valued and supported. Gain Insights and Feedback: Through the chat app, you can gather valuable insights and feedback from your customers, allowing you to continuously improve your products and services. Overall, installing a chat app with FAQ & order tracking on every page can greatly benefit your business by improving customer engagement, satisfaction, and overall customer experience.

This is a good chat app to start with FAQ included - With a 7 day free trial, what's to lose?

Add a loyalty program to increase customer engagement

One way to increase sales, Although you'll need to have already made your first sale, Is a loyalty program setting up your Shopify loyalty program can increase average order value. A very popular app for this is called 'Referral Candy'. With their app you can offer customers referral, affiliate marketing, and rewards. Referral and affiliate programs enable businesses to incentivize and retain customers for referring their friends. Customers receive a referral link that they can distribute to promote your Shopify store o their friends.

These programs are effective across most industries including fashion, nutrition, electronics, home, pets, and more.

increase sales on shopify with a loyalty program

Conclusion on Increasing Sales for Your Store

With a little effort you can really improve your online store and your customers shopping experience. At the end of the day you want the customer to find you, easily digest and understand your product/service with enough information and the right user interface to purchase.

Implement at least one of these to increase the likelihood for your store to make more money, Implement them all and A/B test like crazy eventually to skyrocket your Shopify sales! I hope this was of help. If you need assistance with implementing any of these points please reach out here

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