Thecitrusblue is a meal/prep delivery service ran exclusively in Katy, TX. They wanted infrastructure setup to have a seamless delivery/pickup service to support their in-person operations.


  • Guide the customer to place orders for their meals
  • Display the unique calorie and macro nutrient profiles of meals dynamically
  • Display variable local delivery & pickup date/times


1. Offering all navigation on the landing page while highlighting the benefits of fast, healthy meal options

Adding in past client reviews with some spinning plate svgs were a nice accent

2. Displaying custom nutrition profiles with metafields HTML,CSS & JS

This is where the data starts; in shopify metafields. Every product is given a unique calorie/macro nutrient profile.
Here is where we've created those properties. In Settings > Metafields
To utilize these metafields we're using liquid (Shopify's built in rendering language). Metafields are now rendering for every product, giving the customer information they need to plan their weekly meals and plan their diet.
This is the end result

3. Offer and display variable local delivery & pickup date/times

This is a dietitian ran meal delivery business at it's core and having a strong back end with options for their customer was the primary focus, So to implement that we needed a way to allow for the customer to choose and adjust their delivery time accordingly.

Now Matt & Suzanne have a full meal delivery service through Shopify.

View the full project here

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